An artist is a restless, wander spirit forever searching for his or her ego. As a practicing artist, I know many cases of wan dering artists and of how their wander has become part of their creative experiences.
The fascination of an Image and photography to me is never ending, but I find three things about an image which have the utmost importance.
At first I have often thought that in capturing meaningful subjects whether they are political, social or even more material subjects should be captured with a sense of dignity so that the real identity could be found in the captured image so I believe that the real important thing within any picture should be its identity and truth, thus the reality captured by the camera has all the importance whether it be mine or another’s. The second fact about photography which always gets to me is the absolute humanity of a picture, how a silent picture can communicate with viewers from different cultures and backgrounds and still have the same feeling and meaning.
The third thing that I myself always think of and consider important is the ability of a picture to hold the photographers emotions and self-expressions within, I myself as a story teller like my images having a story of their own - a story that is true and at the same time it is expressed by me.